Aircon Repair Singapore Guide

Aircon Repair Singapore

Air-conditioning has always been a part of our daily hustle that we don’t pay much attention to it. Just like all the constants of our lives, we rarely notice it unless there’s a problem. As a response to the current predicament, we call professionals and they come to our aid. But what will you do if you stumbled upon the wrong service provider? Well, that’s when it hits the fan. No pun intended.

That’s why we always reiterate the importance of examining your prospects first before making anything final. As such, we present to you this comprehensive guide to the steps in getting the best aircon repair in Singapore.

Why you need to do this – Aircon Repair Singapore

Before we start with the first step, let’s cover first the reasons why you should do this. The main reason why people call up professional aircon service providers is they couldn’t figure out how to get their units to function anymore. Contrary to the ideal, these clients only contact the experts when the problem has gotten worse already. Now, that shouldn’t be the case. As soon as you notice that there’s a problem no matter how small it is, the best way to deal with it is to get help. Even the slightest issue can turn into a much bigger problem if you just ignore it.

This means that you need experts that are available for you at a moment’s notice. How do you do this? You hire someone you can trust on a long-term basis because the truth is, it wouldn’t be just once that you’ll be needing aircon repair services.

On top of this, you also need to make sure that you’ll be getting high quality services. That’s a given and you can only do that by researching enough about your options.

Step 1: Check their reputation

You must have discovered this agency on the internet. Their website looks good. Their content looks promising. They mentioned the specific service you might be needing. Or they’re offering you a free inspection (we do that by the way). These things have zero value for you if they can’t be proven.


Check their track record by asking past clients about their experience. If they had happy customers, the agency will be more than willing to provide you with reviews, testimonials, and even documentation.


Don’t trust what you see on the internet right away. More often than not, you will find stellar reviews about the agency’s services. Of course, they want to put their company in such a good light. Don’t settle for anything at face value. In special cases, the same thing goes with bad reviews. Ask questions and dig deeper about their past client’s experiences.

Step 2: Interview them

Think of this as a hiring process at a company where you’re the boss and they’re the applicant. You will ask questions after questions after questions to find out if they are the right fit for you. And if you’re the right fit for them and their working process.


Ask a lot of questions

The point of this stage is to get to know them. You can’t do this by just letting them take the wheel. Ask questions about their services, what equipment they use, their experts’ qualification, etc. You want to get a grasp on how they do things.


Don’t hold back. More often than not, you will think that you’re overcommunicating. You may even hold back questions because you think it’s unnecessary to ask them. To the right professionals, no questions are too dumb. But of course, please try to be sensitive as well with their time, a valuable resource to any professional. Ask questions that will give you clarity. 

Step 3: License

Now this is important because, obviously, it speaks much about the legitimacy of their business as well as the credentials of their experts. You certainly don’t want to miss out on this.

Step 4: Quotations

This is the part where you’ll be deciding whether or not the agency is compatible with you. Before you even start looking, you must have a budget in mind already. This makes the process a lot easier for you.


Shop around for prices. Take your time in considering your options in this part.


Don’t settle for the first quotation that you received. Remember that you’re looking for the best match for you and you’re going to be calling them a few times in the future. One of the most common mistakes customers do is they settle for the first quotation that they receive just because an appointment has been made already. You can still get out of that. But once you say your yes, it will be much harder.

Aircon Repair Singapore

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