Toilet Bowl Choke Singapore

Toilet Bowl Choke Singapore

We know you experience it too.

Among the most common plumbing problems we encounter is a toilet bowl choke that seemed to come out of nowhere. Thousands of Singaporeans dread it. The first reaction would be confusion because you certainly have no idea what caused it. You’ll probably try to fix it to no avail. Soon, you’ll realise, just like so many others, that it’s not a walk in the park. What do you do?

You call for toilet bowl choke services.

Yes, we specialise in this kind of service so you wouldn’t have to deal with it yourself. We can help you determine the cause of the choke and how to avoid it. There are some temporary solutions that you can try out next time it happens and you can learn all about them from us.

Toilet bowl choke causes

Foreign objects

Until you’ve experienced it, you wouldn’t think twice about throwing toilet paper into the bowl. We get it. Some of us used to do that too. Until we were enlightened about its repercussions.

When you use too much toilet paper, it can possibly clog the toilet bowl’s drainage. Toilet paper and other wastes can also accumulate over time, turning something avoidable into a problem that can cost you a lot of time and money.

Pipe obstruction

This is among the more complicated cases because the toilet bowl choke is caused by obstruction in one or more of the pipes. It could be plants or other objects surrounding them. Land homeowners have a higher chance of experiencing this given that their pipes are situated underground.


It could be that it’s not your pipe nor foreign objects clogging your toilet bowl. It’s possible that it’s due to weak flush that you can’t flush the waste away. We have several plumbing solutions to solve this. We can either replace it or repair it if it’s not that damaged.

How to prevent a toilet bowl choke

There are a number of things you can do to avoid having this kind of problem. One, you can stop throwing foreign objects into the bowl. This means that the toilet should go to the trash bin. This has been reiterated to us by people we know or by the establishments we visit. And it is for good reason. You also have to tell other people to do the same.

Another thing you can do is take care of a problem immediately. It’s a habit of many homeowners to address a problem only when worse comes to worst. The benefit in addressing the problem right away lies in the fact that the earlier we detect the problem, the easier it is to solve. If you keep putting off the plan to call a professional, it can get more complicated or more problems can arise. So what should you do? Call us.
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