Electrician Singapore

Electrician Singapore

As more and more appliances enter our homes and commercial spaces, the energy consumption rises. In Singapore alone, it grows per year and one of the major contributors is household use, following industrial, and commerce and other service-oriented operations.

Of course our dependence on electricity and appli not at all a wonder. We live with it every day. We can go as far as saying that it occupies a large chunk in our lives. So what will you do if you encounter electrical problems? You call an electrician.

Types of  Electricians

There are different types of electricians and knowing the roles of each guides us into hiring the right one.

Domestic electricians

These are the professionals you need if you’re having electrical problems at home. May it be repair or maintenance, our domestic electricians will be sure to provide for your needs. The problems we provide solutions for range from electrical wirings to fixing a home’s power meter.

Commercial electricians

Compared to domestic electricians, these professionals focus on commercial buildings. You would think that they offer different services from the latter considering that our commercial establishments are built differently from our homes. However, they essentially use the same techniques and principles. The only difference is the magnitude of the job.

When should you call a commercial electrician? When you’re experiencing anything related to your electrical system (e.g. problems with your outlets or even air-conditioning units), we advise that you contact us right away.

Qualities of a good electrician

Knowing the qualities of a professional is extremely important especially in this case where you need someone you can trust with your building’s electrical system. So what should you look for in an electrician in Singapore?

They should be dependable

This is quite common but we still chose to include it in this list. You need to make sure that they are dependable. This doesn’t only pertain to their skills but also to their work ethics. If you’re looking into agencies that offer electrician services, see if they put high value on punctuality for example.

Attention to details

We’re not derailing the importance of skills, but in this industry there are a lot of professionals who are more than qualified to provide you with the services you need. However, you need to dig a little deeper. Attention to details is such an important thing a professional should have because it means that they put utmost care in “doing it right”. Being an electrician involves a lot of tedious tasks. It takes someone special to deal with each of them, no matter how small.

Communication skills

Although communication is not everyone’s best suit, it helps that you get an electrician who is skilled in this aspect. Why? Because you need someone who knows how to convey ideas and problems that need solving. This makes the team more efficient. And do you know who benefits the most if that’s the case? You. Not only do they communicate well with each other, they are also able to explain to you the situation of your electrical concerns.

Our Services

S&E offers different electrical services that include:

  • Lighting repair
  • Lighting fitting
  • Lighting Installation/Replacement
  • Switch installation and repair
  • Generator installation and maintenance
  • Electrical panel upgrades
  • Circuit breaker
  • Fire alarm installation and repair
  • Power failure services
  • Power point repair and upgrades

We offer 24/7 electrical services in Singapore. How much does it cost? Contact us and we can give you a quotation.