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Plumber Balestier

Located in the Central Region, Balestier is famous for two dishes: bak kut teh and chicken rice. Residents here are envied by the rest of the Singaporeans for being in close proximity with these famous treats. Aside from the food, it is also home to a lot of commercial buildings like malls, stalls, and electrical shops, and residential spaces like apartments and condominiums.

The place is named after Joseph Balestier, who was both the first American consul and owner of Balestier Plain, a sugar plantation that covered a 1000-acre area. When Balestier left the country, the land was leased out by the authorities to farmers, predominantly Chinese. However, diversity started to flourish when many Indian prisoners chose to stay in the country after serving their term as labourers. They worked as traders and craftsmen, paving the way to an era of progressive cultural exchange.

Plumber Balestier

Are you looking for a plumber in Balestier? Sure, this place is rich in culture and economic activities, but some emergency situations (like a sudden plumbing failure) are bound to happen. This is why we’re here.

At S&E Plumbing, we make sure that we reach where we are needed the most. Our team of experts have worked for several clients all over the country, honing the skills and knowledge they already have. As for the pricing of our services, we offer them at a very competitive rate. Excellent performance doesn’t always have to be extremely expensive. Interested?

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