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Plumber Anson Road

Built in 1879, the Anson Road is located in the Anson, Downton Core. There are two theories as to where the name came from. First, many believe that it came from Major-General Sir Archibald Anson who was a Lieutenant-Governor based in Penang. Second, it is possible that the subzone as well as the road was named after Commodore George Anson who was a Naval Commander in 1815 in charge of the Far East Squadron. Anson is home to many famous buildings and establishments in Singapore. Here you can find the Anson Centre which was built in the year 1971. It is also here where the Springleaf Tower and the International Plaza is located, both famous skyscrapers in the country.

Plumber Anson Road

The services of S&E Plumbing reach all corners of Singapore. That means if you’re a resident of Anson, there’s no doubt that we’ll be there to solve your plumbing problems. With the experience and skills of our experts, it’s not an exaggeration that there are no jobs too small or big for us. Fees are offered at a very competitive rate. We believe that excellent performance doesn’t always need to be expensive.

If you are interested in getting a quote, simply contact us at +65 63880 8911 and our customer support will be with you shortly. Of course, they will also be available for any questions you might have for us. We take pride in the fact that we don’t only provide excellent plumbing solutions to our clients; we practice great customer service as well. You will find that our staff at customer support are among the most approachable you’ll ever meet. If you are keen on getting our services, you know where to call us. If not, you can fill out the contact form we’ve prepared below. We’re looking forward to working for you.

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